Ballast Lane optimizes Toast API integration for innovative craft-beer and food establishment

Blue Point partnered with Toast, a restaurant point of sale and management system. For the digital ordering experience, Ballast Lane built on Toast API structures but developed a customized NodeJS backend solution around it...

How to Achieve Meaningful User Behavior from Internet of Things Implementations

The Internet of Things, IoT, has become a buzz phrase. Very simply, it is the extension of Internet connectivity into objects and physical devices.

Our Journey with Clients from Concept to Launched Product: Four Key Steps

Ballast Lane Applications journeys with our clients through four main phases: initiation, discovery, development and then finally support and then, in most cases, we begin the journey again with a new set of required features or delivery platform.

An Android App increases your addressable market by 40% in the U.S. and even more internationally.

A lot of our clients give priority to the development of an iOS (Apple) app over an Android app. Considering the usage of iOS compared to Android, and the spending characteristics of the iOS users, that is a valid approach.

Trying to Make Virtual Reality a Reality in Your Retail Space? – Here’s What You Should Consider!

Bringing Virtual Reality into the retail space is a trend that continues to grow. If your company has decided to make this technological step, this post will layout the questions to consider before moving forward.

Flooring America Releases “My Design Finder” to help consumers find inspiration for flooring projects.

Ballast Lane Applications designed and developed the user experience to help consumers quickly find the right flooring for their project.

Choosing the perfect fit of VR Hardware for your retail space is not easy.

Matching your retail space with VR hardware is a difficult task. If you read our previous blog post, “Trying to Make Virtual Reality a Reality in Your Retail Space? - Here’s What You Should Consider,”...

CCA Global Releases Completely New Convention App for iOS and Android

For the 2017 Summer Building Buzz convention to be held in Salt Lake City in August, the Flooring America / Flooring Canada team at CCA has launched a completely new iOS and Android convention app that is provides custom order management for members, virtual queues and all convention information.

Greater Lynn Senior Services Launches App for Alzheimer Caregivers

GLSS launched the first generation of their mobile app to help those caring for Alzheimer sufferers build patience, perseverance and peace.
The app contains a variety of tools, activities and tips that have been prepared by the team at GLSS who have a long history of supporting caregivers.

Meter Data Portal helps building administrators to make better decisions

Energy Technology Savings is now collecting live meter data from internet connected Lexus power meters.

Guideposts launches Prayer app for android designed to encourage your faith

Guideposts released the Android version of it’s popular Prayer App for Android this month built by Ballast Lane Applications. You can access it here.

Provant Launches Humology Apps for iOS and Android Built by Ballast Lane Applications

Provant launched mobile versions of their industry-leading Humology participant portal for iOS and Android this month. Executing on their mobile-first strategy to bring features to all devices accessed by employees participating in Provant’s corporate wellness programs.

Building awareness for your app and receiving authentic feedback from peers

Building awareness is a process with many steps and many options. However, whatever the plan, it needs to start the first day of your project with design choices that allow users to easily learn about and share your app through free access to a great “starter” content, multiple reasons to share and easy ways to provide feedback.

Two fundamentals on building your mobile app – an experienced Team and reliable Tools

This is where the fun starts — seeing your vision becomes something you can start using and sharing. There are two fundamentals in the process of bringing your vision to live a) an experienced, multifaceted team and b) reliable tools that are easy to use.

The design phase in app development, a step by step guide including best practices

OK, you have an app that you want to build, a rough idea of its key functions and how it will support your business. Next up is the design phase which will now make or break your mobile project.

How to pick your mobile opportunity and product feature criteria

Everyone is going mobile now. You hear this everyday and feel the pressure to build mobile apps that support your business, engage your customers and set you apart.

Flooring America’s My Floor Style Wins Stevie Silver Medal from American Business Awards

Flooring America’s My Floor Style app won a silver medal from the the American Business Awards.

Nest and Insteon API now integrated into ETS Emerald’s Senzorz app

The team just completed the integration of Nest and Insteon API’s into ETS Emerald’s Senzorz app.
We found that both are well documented and easy to implement in both iOS and Android. However, Nest has more interesting feature such as deep links into their own app, better device state checking and images available for implementation in native app.