Building awareness for your app and receiving authentic feedback from peers

Building awareness is a process with many steps and many options. However, whatever the plan, it needs to start the first day of your project with design choices that allow users to easily learn about and share your app through free access to a great “starter” content, multiple reasons to share and easy ways to provide feedback.

Once the app is available, include an info link (or smartphone QR Code) in all your existing media – emails, advertising, collateral, events, etc. These links need to go to sites with authentic reviews, discussions, and feedback from the peers of those investigating your app.

The best way to get that authentic conversation started is to reach out directly to your best customers to ask for their participation. Next ask your industry partners to assess the utility and business models and add their own spin. Be prepared to listen and re-think your strategy.

Finally, start a dialogue with your market’s influencers, journalists and bloggers. They’ll only pay attention when they see a groundswell of interest from the groups you reached out to initially.

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