We pride ourselves on having happy, loyal clients.  It’s great to get positive feedback that we can share with our team, use to improve on the work that we do, and hopefully get new clients.  This article explains why we are happy that we found Clutch, and how it’s helping with our outreach.

When trying to find a vendor to help you build a solution, it’s often difficult to find a partner you can trust.  It’s hard to know just how independent a review or testimonial is. This is where Clutch comes in. Clutch provides a platform where companies can search independently for technology partners.  From a vendor’s perspective, it’s great to have a way for reviews to be collected and published that is unbiased and organized.

 There are 2 components that are important, the Profile and the Review.

Vendor Profile

Vendor companies complete a profile online, that can be viewed by potential clients.  The profile also provides indicators for Clutch to use, such as cost, location, service lines, technology focus, etc.  


Companies can encourage their former and current clients to write an independent review.  The reviews are conducted online for smaller projects, or over the phone for larger projects.  Online reviews are checked by Clutch prior to publishing. The Clutch team have no reason to change a review to spin a positive or negative light, their goal is to paint the picture given by the client.

Ballast Lane and Clutch

Our team at Ballast Lane created a Clutch profile a few months ago in order for potential clients to be able to find us and evaluate us in an independent platform.  We have enjoyed reading the reviews from our clients, and we are grateful that they are willing to take the time to provide such thoughtful feedback and data for potential clients.  It’s also great for our team members to read the reviews, often they have their heads down working and miss the acknowledgement of their hard work.


To learn more about Clutch, visit their website.