Guideposts launches Prayer app for android designed to encourage your faith

Guideposts released the Android version of it’s popular Prayer App for Android this month built by Ballast Lane Applications.  You can access it here.

The app accesses a drupal-based API to send and receive information from Guidepost’s legacy backend systems.

It is a complement to the iOS version that has been available since 2014.

From the Google Play description:

The OurPrayer App is designed to encourage your faith by providing a fast and easy way to submit prayer requests, schedule prayer reminders, create prayer lists, pray for others and energize your faith journey with daily Bible verses, reflections and prayers.

For over 60 years, OurPrayer, the prayer service of Guideposts, has prayed for millions of people confidentially by name and need.

OurPrayer Ministry has prayed for millions of people from all over the word. Guideposts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions of people across America and throughout the world.

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