Energy Technology Savings is now collecting live meter data from internet connected Lexus power meters.

Ballast Lane Applications developed a node-based backend which is collecting data from these meters every 15 seconds. Users receive this information and a variety of this data is displayed to building administrators. This helps them to make better decisions about electricity usage. The meters provide a wealth of information in XML format that the backend parses. After that the backend crunches the information based on ETS’s insights into what building managers need to see.

In addition to the backend we also deployed a front-end to display the data on both browsers and inside ETS’s mobile applications.

About Energy Technology Savings

ETS is an energy technology, behavior management, and smart building services provider. Integration of our products and services in large multi-family and mixed use properties reduces energy expenditures. Furthermore it enables Wi-Fi connectivity, improves building operations and increases Net Operating Income and Net Asset Value.