Introduction to The Center for Field Experiments and Design of Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is one of the largest research universities in the United States. The Center for Field Experiments and Design (short: CFXd) is a team of researchers who uses experimental methods to gain insights into decision-making by individuals and groups. They conduct field studies and collect their own data to better understand outcomes in various areas including education, child development, political campaigning and charitable giving.

The challenges CFXd faced

The CFXd from Texas A&M needed a solution with which they could easily set up many different surveys in a modular approach including simple questions, multiple choice but also a set of different games. The games, which are different in style and underlying mathematical calculation, have been a complexity driver. In addition the surveys needed to be accessible through an Android app in an invite-only approach by respective survey participants, accounting also for a potential international user base with different languages.

A hands-on user management handling was needed to manage and add user groups to surveys, send invitations and keep track of payments to participants with just a few clicks. Finally the user data, needed to be prepared and comprehensively presented for subsequent data analysis.   

The solution we offered

We run through a complete design phase including ideation, wireframing and design, followed by sprint planning and full implementation:

We delivered

  • A completely Admin Panel, in which the researcher can
    • Set up and organize surveys in a modular design
    • Handle the user database, assign users and send invitations
    • Download complete reports of each survey
  • An android app in which the user can
    • Access all surveys he is assigned to, and receive push invites for new surveys
    • Review summaries of surveys and payments he received
    • Handle his account details

The tools we use

  • Native Android code
  • Mailchimp to send invitations and support emails
  • Firebase to send push notifications to users
  • NodeJS with Sails framework for backend
  • Angular 5.0 for web front end
  • AWS for hosting
  • Jenkins for continuous integration

Android App

Admin Panel