Introduction to DivorceForce

DivorceForce is an online community and marketplace which educates, connects, and empowers people affected by divorce. They provide a safe and supportive network to help their users navigate all aspects of divorce. Their offering of articles and information related to any stage of a divorce (considering a divorce, in-a-divorce, divorce, moving on etc.), experts in the field and first-hand advice from community members who went through the same, is one of a kind in the field.

The challenges DivorceForce faced

When DivorceForce approached us, they were ready to take the next step with their platform (Web, iOS, and Android) as the clients’ vision of becoming the go-to-community and marketplace when searching divorce, was far from being implemented.

They wanted to scale up, refresh the design and improve the user experience within the community. Also, they were looking for new and improved ways of monetizing the platform.

The solution we offered

We worked across design, implementation and operational support to deliver:

  • Redesign for a more modern, cleaner look
  • SEO optimization
  • Implementation of Ad Platform
  • Replacement of CMS
  • Implemented in-app purchase iOS
  • Implemented new premium products
  • Upgrade RoR version
  • Implemented new chat functionality

Each of these steps began with a business requirements phase to ensure that each investment will directly impact Divorce Force’s market positioning.

The tools we use

  • Ruby on Rails for backend
  • HTML, CSS Javascript for front end development
  • Jenkins for continuous integration
  • AWS for hosting and performance monitoring