Platform for Evaluating Energy Performance of Buildings

Logical Buildings is an energy technology, behavior management, and smart building services provider that helps large multi-family and mixed-use properties to reduce energy expenditures and improve building operations.

In close cooperation with the Logical Buildings development team, responsible for the backend development, we built a new web platform to measure performance and produce coordinated data by property, geography and other metrics required by sophisticated public and private owners. The platform contains all the necessary information on the energy performance of a building and the possibility of a more in-depth analysis of the data.

The Challenges They Faced

We helped them meet the challenge of its diverse customer base (different types of building technology, different focus metrics etc.) by creating a customizable dashboard structure where widgets can be added and removed, reorganized and new chart widgets can be created.

Next to the dashboard for the end users, we also built functionality for user management,  alerts to inform the users from specific building to take actions to optimize energy usage in their properties, and a rewards management platform.

Finally, we built the first generation data ingestion backend to pull smart meter data (Nexus meters from Electro Industries), weather data (IBM weather API) and price data from the ISOs. This served as the prototype for the production deployment.

What We Built

A responsive web-based application based on the Angular framework that includes:

  • Building energy dashboard
  • User management
  • Alert creation
  • Rewards Management
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Notifications and action framework



  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • API integration
  • HTML Charting (Highcharts)
  • HTML Tables (DevExpress)