iOS App for Recording Sports Data

Scorebook Live is a sports technology and media company that provides basketball and football teams, leagues and tournaments with the tools to publish real-time content about games and teams to their fans.

The challenges Scorebook Live faced

Scorebook had the vision to replace the paper scorebook used at basketball games and tournaments with an iOS based Scorebook Live app. The idea was that through the app fans can receive a live data feed from games of their favorite teams and coaches can easily manage their teams and score their games in the app. In a nutshell the app should become the one go to platform for fans, coaches, scorekeepers and media for everything they need to know about football and basketball games.

The solution we offered

We developed an iOS app, optimized for iPhone and iPad, with which the scorer is able to enter all game details. Starting by setting up his team, players, games and personalized rules if needed, he then enters every single move of the game in a very hands-on way. Fans can watch the moves and results coming in live from the fan app, which is an easy accessible app. They also can be notified through push notifications when their favorite teams start to play, receive mid-game and end results. The solution we offered had to account for highly complex game structures while keeping lean functionality. In addition it needed to work offline given that the game venues sometimes do not offer the best internet connection.



  • Swift 4 and Objective-C for iOS development
  • Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Integrate with RoR client backend