Two fundamentals on building your mobile app – an experienced Team and reliable Tools

This is where the fun starts — seeing your vision becomes something you can start using and sharing.

There are two fundamentals in the process of bringing your vision to live a) an experienced, multifaceted team and b) reliable tools that are easy to use.

We have team members who will quickly build alpha, beta and release versions of your mobile app and any server-side functionality required. To keep innovation high, downtime low and to foster out-of-the-box thinking, we aim to work on several projects simultaneously.

The team usually consists of:

  • Designer who designs the overall app from idea stage – through wireframing – to the final design.

  • Project Manager who will, with you and your team, make the project happen – in time and budget.

  • Mobile Programmers who are experts in building iOS or Android apps leveraging approaches and libraries from previous projects.

  • Server-side Programmers who are generally skilled in NodeJS / AWS and a variety of frameworks.

  • User Interface Designer who is an artist and a doer (a hugely valuable combination!) who puts together the look and feel and builds the graphics assets used by the app.

A major benefit to developers today are the great tools available for project support and increased productivity. During our years of experience, we settled on several tools we like to work with because they combine ease to use and great value for money.

Here are a few tools that we use everyday:

  1. Sketch for Wireframes and designs

  2. Jira for task management

  3. Bitbucket for source management

  4. Jenkins for continuous integration and test distribution management

  5. Fabric for app management

After you worked for some time with the team described above, you saw your vision becoming wireframes, then a design. Then the project manager and programmers built an app based on that, test releases of your app were sent, reviewed and probably went through some stages of amendments – all tasks carefully documented and processed using Jira. Finally your app is uploaded to the store, went through review and got approved. Now it’s time to share the good news about your new mobile app and entice customers and others to give it a try. We shared some thoughts on how to do that here.

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